Consignment Services

Consignment Services

Richele Kay Bridal Consignment will help you market and sell your wedding dress and accessories to brides.  It's easy to consign your dress, just bring it into the shop during regular business hours and one of our sales consultants will be happy to help you!
Richele Kay Bridal Consignment will help you determine the selling price of your dress based on the following factors:  original price paid, age, condition, style, designer's name, current demand and the extent of any major alterations made to the garment. 

Richele Kay will market, promote and show your gown to brides-to-be on a regular basis for the six month consignment period and if we sell your dress, we’ll send you a check for half of the sales price! Richele Kay retains a commission for showcasing and selling your wedding dress, but not until your dress and accessories are sold. 

Approximately 60% of our inventory sells within the first 90 days on consignment, other dresses may take a little longer, depending on the style, size, length and if there were any alterations made to the garment altering its size or appearance significantly.  Dresses need to be in good working condition (all zippers, buttons, beads, closures, ties, etc.) and in good condition with no tears or stains in fabric.  We do suggest having your dresses cleaned prior to consigning, they sell faster and for more money if in great condition. 

Did you know that less than 2% of all brides who keep their wedding dress actually pass it to a family member later in life? So why are you really keeping that dress?  Most brides are ‘attached’ emotionally to their dress, and it can take up to 2 or 3 years before they’re ready to let go and consign their wedding dress.  If you want the most value out of your dress, consign it right after your wedding.  If your wedding date was within the last 5-6 years, please consider consigning your dress with Richele Kay.

To view a copy of Richele Kay’s Consignment Agreement, please click here..

Please note that Richele Kay is not able to re-cycle or discard 'perseveration boxes.'  We also do not have the ability to track 'wedding bags' with each individual dress.  You can keep your dress bag or you can donate it with your dress for the next bride to use. 

Bridal consignment vs. selling your dress on the internet:

Selling your dress on the internet is not the easy thing to do!  And, it's not the most comfortable for soon to be brides. They see pictures of dresses on the Internet and make arrangements to see a few of them in person. Then, they run all over town with large amounts of cash in hand. And, if they want to try on the dress, do they ask to use your bathroom? This scenario is not the most comfortable and convenient for finding the perfect dress!

Consignment solves all of these problems for the budget conscience bride! They can view several dresses at one location, they don’t have to run all over town to try on dresses that may or may not fit. Brides can try on dresses in a comfortable environment and they can use their credit card to pay for their wedding dress with Richele Kay Bridal Consignment - All you have to do is wait for your check to arrive within 30 days of selling your dress!


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